Sunday, January 4, 2015

Melasti Street Art Market

Where location to get cheap T-shirt and souvenir, in Kuta Area?? this is the answer,  Located on Jalan Melasti, Kuta, Badung Regency Art Market sell about Traditional think hand made by local people in Bali area, just 5 minutes walking from Kuta Beach,

you will find crowded Art Market. Surround by modern shop, Melasti Street art market still exist.  Sell Wood Crafting, Sarong, Tenunnan, Traditional Painting, T-shirt, Glass, Souvenir   and other thinks made by local people.
If you going to the traditional market in Bali just Try to bargain. Like Challenge how cleaver you make Offer with the seller. just like other art market in Bali, it Open from 9am - 5 pm every day, if you going in ceremonial day Hinduism Balinese some of the shop might close.
Beside of selling Kinds of handicraft, there are also cafee shop traditional Bali, and Jamu that traditional drink made from mixing herb and natural source to make energy drink.

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