Friday, November 3, 2017

Angkul angkul Balinese house entrance

Angkul - angkul is the main entrance and the only one into the traditional house of Bali. Its function is like Temple Gate of Bentar at Pura that is as entrance gate. But unlike the Temple Gates of Bentar, angkul - angkul has a roof that connects both sides. The roof is a pyramid and made of dried grass.

Angkul-embankment is a kind of austerity in the form of a simple which is the development of the hatching which is given add a roof that overhangs / ungkul-ungkul (above the head) against passers-by. Lambak launpenyebuctan lumpy expression of passers-by become angkul-angkul.

Based on the space or front page of the angkul-angkul can be distinguished upon:
1. Angkul-angkul that have only the front yard is a hoof-angkul with a simple level. Angkul-angkul is located in line with the wall penyengker.
2. Angkul-angkul that only has lebuh frog-shaped mouth is a more refined angkul to enhance the impression of the cast.
3. Angkul-angkul with jaba side is one of the mandala of Tri Mandala on a yard. These types of angkrs have enough space or point of view to capture their majesty. Angkl-angkul jaba side can be found in the homes of people with higher social strata than most people.
4. Angkul-embankment with the factoring of one of the mandala of Sanga Mandala a yard. The angkul-angkul with hipak is the most perfect tulk.

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