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Top 10 Interesting Place in Bali 10-6

Top 10 Interesting Place in Bali 10-6

10. Candi Dasa
   Previously, Candidasa was known as Teluk Kehen (Kehen Bay). It is located at Samuh-Bugbug village which is a small fishing village on the eastern shore of Bali in the district of Karangasem which has developed into a popular tourist destination.

 The main area of Candidasa is where you will see a natural lotus lagoon and two temples opposite the lagoon. The temple ceremony is normally held in the full moon of July or one day prior or after the full moon.
   Here you will feel at home among the local people and being approximately 85 kms from International airport ‘Ngurah Rai’ it ensures tranquility, more adventorous and laid back atmosphere that tourists are looking for. Besides being near many top dive spots, Candidasa is near many cultural treasures such as Besakih Temple known as mother temple of Bali and Tenganan Village. Samuh-Bugbug village itself where Candidasa is located has a number of big temple festival and ceremonies to be held in July and October of the year. For those looking for a holiday off the beaten track a few days in Candidasa would be perfect.

   On most weather of the year you will see local fishermen going out for fishing with their traditional boat called JUKUNG departing around 4.00am and return 7.00am. Tourist may arrange locally and join them to go fishing while experiencing beautiful sun-rise with a small charge.
   Candidasa becomes more and more famous for diving. In the village there are several diving schools who can accompany you to beautiful diving spots in the bay of Candidasa including other best diving destination in east Bali such as Tulamben.
   In the village there is a lovely lotus lagoon and there are some fascinating temples for you to visit. Of particular interest here is the Goddes of Fertility statue within the Candidasa temple.
   Beside many hotels of all standards and prices, there is a variety of all kinds of restaurants loated within walking distance from the hotel you are staying. Many interesting places are within a short distance from the village. The first big city nearby Candidasa is Amlapura which is also worth a visit. Walk through the shopping street and visit the local market is one of the good things to do.

9. Lovina

    This 12 km stretch of golden sand offers that much needed break from the regular hustle bustle of city life. The sand is soft, there's an incredible view and experience of the Indian Ocean stretching out to eternity before you, that is what we call Heaven! You will fall in love with it instantly, if you are a nature-lover as Lovina Beach

looks like it has been plucked directly from your drawing book. The beach is normally safe to enjoy swimming and a couple of other activities. If you want some some quiet moments, we recommend you visit there on weekdays as it becomes a little crowded during weekends.
8. Nusa Penida

   The arid island of Nusa Penida is a lime-stone plateau with unreal beauty and white sand beaches. It is one of the three islands just off the southern coast of Bali. Seldomely visited by tourists, and without any permanent tourist infra structure, it is the perfect getaway for those looking for a quiet day without the masses and noises.
    2 hour cruise aboard the Aristocat Sailing Catamaran will take you to Crystal Bay and Bali Hai’s private beach property, the only private property for day cruises on the island. Spend your day snorkeling, relaxing in a hammock, strolling along the empty beach or kayaking. The scenery is out of this world.

   No pool, no banana boat, no jet ski.. just quiet relaxation to be punctuated with a massage or a village tour if you wish! The cruise is aptly named Cast away – be cast-away for a day on this cruise!
    Snorkel enthusiasts that choose the 3 Island Ocean Rafting Cruise will be visiting Bali’s Three Sister Islands of Nusa Penida, Ceningan and Lembongan and snorkel at their best spots. Have a look at Nusa Penidas towering limestone cliffs dropping straight down to the sea – it’s a rugged and spectacular scenery.

7. Lembongan

   Nusa Lembongan is a must see while traveling around Bali. Just off the Southeast coast of Bali, Nusa Lembongan is a small, sleepy island of seaweed farmers with great waves, excellent restaurants and no cars! Below we've written about the beaches, restaurants, ferry transportation, and seaweed farming. We've also got some helpful tips and a great video

   Nusa Lembongan Beaches
   White sands, uncrowded, cool shells everywhere, and perfect weather. Paradise? Yes. But even paradise has some problems. Most beaches in Bali suffer from a common problem: Littering. Either things float up on shore or locals throw trash directly on the beach. This wasn't a problem before plastic and unbiodegradeable items were introduced to the culture. In the past, local Balinese threw away trash anywhere, and with the hot humid climate, the trash would degrade. Today, the local people are still having problems realizing how destructive their new trash is to their environment and tourist economy.
But, there are some spots that are cleaner than others. Most beaches on Nusa Lembongan are going to be very desolate with only seaweed farmers and fishermen present.

6. Sanur

   The international village of Sanur is located only 4 km from downtown of Denpasar and it can be easily reached by car or motorcycle. The black and white checkered cloth standard of Bali’s netherworld — is nowhere more aptly hung than on the ancient coral statues and shrines of Bali’s largest traditional village: Sanur .This was Bali’s first beach resort — a place of remarkable contrasts.
Sanur today is a golden mile of Balinese-style hotels that has attracted millions of paradise- seeking globetrotters. It is now packed with various hotels and restaurants to choose from to fit every budget. The 5kms of white sandy beach of Sanur is perfect to watch the sunrise
Just a stone’s throw from any of Sanur’s benchside hotels lies one of a string of very ancient temples. Characterized by low coral- walled enclosures sheltering platform altars, this style of temple is peculiar to the white sand stretch of Sanur coast, from Sanur harbor in the north to Mertasari Beach in the south. Inside, they are decorated with fanciful fans of coral and rough-hewn statuary, often ghoulishly painted but always wrapped in a checkered sarong.
   The charm of Sanur lies in the relatively tranquil atmosphere. It is a resort for families or visitors wanting the right mix of beach and Balinese life. It is also has the immense advantage of being much nearer inland tourists spots – just half an hour from Ubud. Another advantage of Sanur is its quieter beaches, making it a favourite walking place.
   A great selection of water sports to choose from, are also available. Sanur gets some good surf breaks between September and March. Other options are windsurfing, parasailing, water-skiing, jet skiing, kayaking as well as various fishing trips.
   At the northern end of Sanur is the ferry ports with regular ferries to Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and the Serangan Island.

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