Sunday, November 5, 2017

Merajan Balinese in house Temple

Merajan or sanggah, is a sacred building as one of the elements of the building that must exist among the building units in the environment of traditional homes of Bali. the whole wake-up unit in a pekarang is surrounded by a wall fence, a yard quarry, a protector of something physical and inner in it.

As a sacred building, inside the yard of worship, it is placed in the ulu, as nature-WATA, the Sacred Nature, which lies in the direction of the rising sun, the direction of the mountain, and the combination of both directions. in the environment of the yard there are also merengkan penyengker in it there are a number of units of sacred buildings (pelinggih) consisting of the top
1. Sanggah kemulan,
2. Taksu,
3. Gedong , atc.

Raising is the center of family care to honor the grandmother, the means to communicate with god and the unseen. Building and activities of worship it is a symbol in obtaining harmony inner birth.

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