Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fruit : Rambutan

Rambutan fruit is a tropical fruit produced from plants Nephelium lappaceum, included in the same family with kelengkeng, lychee and matoa. Rambutan comes from the region of Southeast Asia, widely grown in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

The name rambutan is taken from the term "hair" in Malay which means feather. Rambutan fruit means the fruit is hairy. The name is in accordance with the shape of its fruit skin overgrown with fine spines resembling fur. In English the fruit is called by the same name, namely rambutan.

Rambutan fruit shaped round the color ranging from green, yellow to red. White flesh tends to be clear. The ripe fruit is sweet to sweet. The only edible part is the meat, while the skin and the seeds are not edible.

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