Sunday, December 21, 2014

Food : Lawar

If you asked Balinese people about food Lawar they will surprise regarding Lawar is Famous and one of favorite food for Balinese People, Lawar also made when they are celebrating something, made an offering, and Balinese traditional party.

Lawar Also available  in every Balinese Traditional Restaurant, Lawar Made from Mixture coped meat and vegetable, spices, and coconut which taste is sharpened with natural Flavors. There are Type  of Lawar Base on the Ingredients for composing the cooking.
1. Lawar Barak. Main ingredients are Blood (pig, chicken, or duck) and coconut.

2. Lawar Nangka. Main ingredients is jack fruit.
3. Lawar Gedang. Main ingredients is Papaya.
4. Lawar Kacang. Main  ingredients is Bean fruit.
and other kind depending on the main ingredients.

Lawar Is Usually serve in fresh, and they mixture all the ingredients right before ready to eat, because expired cycle of lawar is short. not more that 4 hours.

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