Sunday, May 17, 2020

Kate Festival Padang Galak

The Bali Kites Festival is a kite flying event that takes place every year, between July and A (sometimes through October). It mainly starts at the start of the windy season in Bali. The main festival takes place along the east coast of Padanggalak, north of Sanur. These are usually held near the end of June and are confirmed after favorable weather. Hundreds of competing kite groups gather from all over the island to fly their traditional kites. Often, with international teams with modern kites in various shapes and sizes.

The kite festival in Bali starts as a seasonal agrarian festival. This event was held as a thank you to God for the abundant harvest and harvest. The festival then became a competitive place for communal 'Banjar' youth groups, who sent their 'Sekaa kite' kite teams to participate and win prize money. A competition is also usually held for 'new creation' kites. This might include three-dimensional drawings and unusual designs, from Hindu deities, cars and motorbikes, to mascots and brand sponsors. Gamelan orchestra accompanies each group. This added to the joy of the Balinese Kite Festival and the dramatic take-off.

There are traditional Balinese kites that are large, measuring up to four meters wide and ten meters long. Some other versions, such as the 'Jangan' type, have an impressive ribbon tail. The tail often reaches a length of 80 meters or more depend on the size. Together they were built in communal 'Banjar' village halls throughout Bali, skilled young men, supervised by parents, crafted bamboo frames for weeks to large events. Light fabric is chosen according to the agreed color scheme. Some are equipped with intricately carved heads. The end result is waiting for transportation - usually by truck and requiring special escort along the small streets of Bali - to the slides at the Bali Kite Festival at Padanggalak Beach.
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