Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to Choose Taxi In Bali

Hello traveler, how are you doing lately?? hope you guys find this article very well...

Lest cut to the chase, Oke this Is your first time in Bali?? and you in the middle on crow in Kuta area Or Seminyak, wanna going back to your Resort or hotel and villas? that you need taxi isn't it?, yeah if you travel to Kuta or Seminyak is very easy to find taxi. from local taxi using mini van, sedan, until Dokar (See), of course they are have different price, how to choose one...If you in hurry and need to on time in the place that where you going to, just random taxi as soon as you can catch the taxi, but to avoid over charge just make offer with the price first, be sure they said in dollar or in rupiah, some case they said 100,000 rupiah , will become 100 dollar in sort distance.

If you will going to make tour (day tour), please find the freelance taxi, they will use mini van, and easy to find they will offering you a ride,  and they have different price, by the number of place that you visit, or by hourly, or by distance. you can easy bargain the price.
If the last one if you going not in hurry, and not a tour, just find taxi have light blue color, and has meter taxi, they have good price, branded company. and you also can book this taxi a day before if you going early morning to airport. and there a cancellation fee if you cancel the taxi if this taxi already wait for you, only Rp, 35.000,-/ minimum charge around 3 USD in 2015 May.

last if you going to night club and drunk,,, please make sure how much you pay the driver.... 

I hope you will visit Bali Next time.... see you around.....

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