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Balinese Rub Teeth Ceremony ( Matatah )

In the Hindu religious tradition in Bali in particular, when a child begins to adolescence or adulthood must perform Cutting Ceremony. Cutting Ceremony or commonly also called Mepandes, Metatah or Mesangih is a meaningful ceremony to discover the essence of the true man who is detached from the shackles of darkness from the influence of Sad Ripu in man.

Sad Ripu is the six kinds of enemies arising from the properties of asubha karma or bad deeds in man himself, namely:

  • Kama, his sensual nature.
  • Lobha, loba and greedy nature.
  • Krodha, cruel and irritable.
  • Mada, the nature of drunk and madness
  • Moha, confused and arrogant.
  • Matsarya, envy and envy.

  • Physical Features Ready for Metatah

Cutting Ceremony is a part of Manusa Yadnya, which is essentially if its physical characteristics have stepped on teenagers can carry out Cutting Ceremony. The characteristics are as follows:

  1. In women can be done after getting the first menstruation.
  2. In men can be done after a change of voice.
These characteristics can be used as the initial basis that the child is ready for Metatah but not required at that moment, because it must be supported from financial readiness as well.

  • Purpose Cutting Ceremony
There are several purposes of Cutting Ceremony is no less important to know, as follows:

  1. Eliminate the dirt themselves in the form of kala, bhuta, pisaca and giant in the sense of soul and body covered by the nature of Sad Ripu so as to find the true human nature.
  2. To be able to meet again with father and mother who have tangible form.
  3. To avoid punishment in hell later which was dropped by Bhatara Yamadipati in the form of bite of bamboo petung bite. It is listed in Lontar Atmaprasangsa.
  4. Fulfill parents' obligations to their children to be true human beings.
  5. Composition of Cutting Ceremony
Based on the provisions in the palm of Dharma Kahuripan and palmapple Puja Kalapati, that stage of cutting ceremony is mentioned as follows:

  1. Magumi padangan, This ceremony is also called kepakon conversation and held in the kitchen.
  2. Nekeb, This ceremony is done in meten or in gedong
  3. Mabyakala, This is done on the home page in front of the methane or gedong.
  4. To Merajan, or holy place inside the house. The order of the ceremony at the rajas is: Please appointment to Bhatara Hyang Guru, Worship Mother and Father, Ngayab caru white cock, Please tirtha (holy water) to Bhatara Hyang Guru, Ngerajah teeth (Written tooth with wijaksara) and In chisel three time.
Go to place of cut tooth, Sort - order of ceremony:

  1. Praying to Bhatara Surya and to Bhatara Sang Hyang Semara Ratih and beg tirtha to him both.
  2. Ngayab banten comedian in bale dangin,
  3. Metatah or cut / sharp two fangs and four teeth on the upper jaw and Down from the tooth cut, down the road by stepping banten paningkeb.
  4. Back to meten / gedong where ngekeb.  

If you want to change clothes, now can be done mejaya - jaya in merajan. Order of ceremony:
  • Mabyakala
  • Praying to: Bhatara Surya, Ancestor and Bhatara Samudaya.
  • Going to the presence of the Muput Ceremony, here is done meeteh - eteh inventory: prayascita, Pangrabodan, Ngayab pungun - pungun and pajeji, Matirtha peninggatan, pebersihan and kekut, Mejaya - jaya, Ngayab banton otonan, Ngayab banten pawinten-used and Mapadamel
  • Back to meten / gedong where ngekeb.
  • Mapinton to Pura Kahyangan Tiga, to Pura Kawitan and to other temples that became his idol.

The important thing that can be summed up and keep in mind is the purpose of this ceremony to minimize the negative nature of the person concerned, but it does not mean that after this ceremony is done the person will be completely good. All back to each person's personal. Does have a strong foundation and desire to transform yourself into a better person.

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