Sunday, November 5, 2017

Paon and Kerumpu/Granary Balinese

Paon is a kitchen or a place to process and cook food occupants of houses located on the south side of the house or southwest. Paon is divided into two areas. The first area is called a junction, ie open space for cooking with a wood grill. While the second area is a room for storing food and kitchen utensils.
Balinese people believe that the kitchen is a place to eliminate black magic or butha kala who attached to the house. So that when a family member who had just returned home actually go into the kitchen first before entering other buildings.

Kerumpu (Granary)
Jineng or Klumpu is a rice barn or warehouse where rice is stored. Jineng is located in the southeastern part of the residence or near Paon or the kitchen. The jineng roof is made of reeds and usually jineng consists of two floors where the part is used to store the dry rice while the bottom is paired with bale to store the dry rice, making it easier for the occupants to dry and lift the rice for several days until the rice is completely dry . The unique shape of the building inspired many people and made it a hotel with a form of jineng with modifications or make it a bale to relax.

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